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"X Men Projectors Wolverine Toybiz 1994" by Tyler Parker

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"X Men Projectors Wolverine Toybiz 1994" by Tyler Parker

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Bower Bird was a postcard project celebrating the art of collecting, curating, and personal artifacts. Each of the 90 contributing artists created a limited edition series of postcards with subjects ranging from historical memorabilia, house plants, fossils and bones, national park attire, ancient books, and more. These objects may not have monetary value, but a rich history of our lives, interests, and personal influences- the collection is a modern day cabinet of curiosities. 


Tyler Parker
"X Men Projectors Wolverine Toybiz 1994"

Limited Edition Postcard: 
4"x 6" in. 
Original artwork is digital 

About this collection:

"As an illustrator I have always been drawn to storytelling, and in many ways when I see the action figures of my youth I think about them as more than just ascetically pleasing objects but as the foundation basis for where I learned how to tell stories. I've begun to recollect some of these symbols of my youth as not just nostalgic objects but also reminders of this. The figure in particular that I chose to represent an X Men Projectors Wolverine hold special significance for me. As a child I was afraid of everything; darkness, movie posters, things I'd see on TV, the list goes on. Additionally the nature of my parents work required a lot of late night/early morning transport from our house to whoever was watching me at the time. When I was given this figure by my grandmother I'm sure that everyone thought of it as just another figure but for me it was even more important. This figure and the projector on it's chest was a means to bring light in the darkness without the stigma of brining one of my stuffed animals, since I would have to bring it to school as well. My Wolverine would cut through the darkness and help a scared child make it through the night."


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