RECORDING OF: Wandering the Creative Path & Rewilding Your Practice with Teagan White • A Young Mystics Online Course

RECORDING OF: Wandering the Creative Path & Rewilding Your Practice with Teagan White • A Young Mystics Online Course

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Wandering the Creative Path & Rewilding Your Practice
With Guest Speaker, Teagan White, Artist and Outsider Naturalist
A Young Mystics Online Course 


Join Light Grey Art Lab instructors Lindsay Nohl & Jenny Wells and guest speaker Teagan White, artist and outsider naturalist, for an incredible workshop on the connection between one's muse, and the eternal quest for connection to our creative inspirations in authentic, inspiring, and respectful ways.

Wandering the Creative Path & Rewilding Your Practice
If you've ever struggled to find more depth in the concepts of your work, or want some new ways to consider looking at subjects you know and love, join us for a combined lecture/study of the relationship between true thematic authenticity and what it means to quest for a real understanding of one's creative muse. In this workshop, Teagan White has prepared an illustrated lecture that discusses their own path to understanding natural themes within their work through activism, analysis, and authentic representation of the ecology in their artwork. We will cover questions such as "What methods can an artist employ to amplify inspiration into more meaningful work?" and "How can we learn to be better communicators with our work, and what is the difference between cultivation and rewilding when it comes to the themes we explore?" 

Themes covered in this class include:
• We explore the concept of the muse and how to capture inspiration authentically
• Teagan White will share their perspectives on making with purpose and describe an evolution of practice that helps expose the importance of research, the quest for understanding, and what it means to be a maker connected to their subjects.
• Participants will have the opportunity to use some of the in-class conceptual challenges to explore their personal practices further.
• We will discuss the concept of REWILDING in both its natural context, as well as a conceptual context

Teagan White Teagan White is an artist and outsider naturalist devoted to the flora and fauna of a planet in decline. Their delicate gouache and watercolor paintings and intricate line drawings lament the fraught relationship between humans and the rest of the Earth, and explore the tenderness and brutality that coexist in all of Nature.

Teagan’s work is influenced by years of living in the bleak Midwest and Great Lakes region, burying roadkill, traveling by bike, and working with wildlife. They recently relocated to the Pacific Northwest, where savage coasts lined with dead seabirds and mossy old-growth forests are creeping into their paintings.

This online course is one in a series that has been developed for those looking for an in-depth study of symbolism, mythology, folklore, esoterica, and the natural sciences in a friendly, curious environment! This course is part of the Young Mystics series of online workshops for individuals interested in learning more about metaphysical, esoteric, symbolic, and natural themes! 


Preparing For The Class:
This is a pre-recorded class. 

We will be sharing resources during the workshop, so you may want to have your notebook, and pencil handy. 


About Young Mystics:

Light Grey Art Lab's Young Mystics meet-ups allow curious minds to explore metaphysical and mystical concepts with an enthusiastic and encouraging community of individuals with backgrounds in art, symbolism, philosophy, Tarot, and other esoteric interests. Classes are on a variety of rotating subjects! Everyone is welcome. 

Lindsay Nohl has been teaching/lecturing on Tarot for over 8 years and is a student of metaphysics, philosophy, and esoteric literature. She has been an instructor at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design since 2004.

Jenny Wells has been reading tarot / hosting Tarot events for the past 8 years and will be assisting with our interactive portions of the workshop.

They have been working together at Light Grey Art Lab and have published the Light Grey Tarot, Cosmos Tarot & Oracle Deck, been lecturers together at a variety of Tarot meetups, and more :)

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