RECORDING OF: The Mysterious Symbols of the Victorian Era with Jessica Roux • 3/20/21 - A Young Mystics Online Course

RECORDING OF: The Mysterious Symbols of the Victorian Era with Jessica Roux • 3/20/21 - A Young Mystics Online Course

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The Mysterious Symbols of the Victorian Era
With Guest Speaker, Jessica Roux, Author / Illustrator of Floriography, An Illustrated Guide to the Victorian Language of Flowers
A Young Mystics Online Course 


Join Light Grey Art Lab instructors Lindsay Nohl & Jenny Wells and guest speaker Jessica Roux, Author / Illustrator of Floriography, An Illustrated Guide to the Victorian Language of Flowers, for an insightful workshop that wanders through the Victorian Era's mysterious, romantic, ornamental, and symbolic icons.

The Mysterious Symbols of the Victorian Era
The Victorian Era inspires thoughts of dark fabrics, top hats, corsets , and bustles, strict codes of courtship and romance, of arsenic-laced wallpapers with ornate patterns, of days when mediumship and alternative forms of spirituality spurred some of the most intriguing esoteric communities and how death was memorialized in photos, memento-mori, and monuments to the lost. And amongst all of these aspects of living, a language of symbols pervaded every aspect of life -- from love to loss, hope to despair. In this course, we will cover some of our favorite Victorian symbols and their connection to the time, and speak with author/illustrator Jessica Roux about the stories behind her new book, Floriography, An Illustrated Guide to the Victorian Language of Flowers.

Themes covered in this class include:
• An overview of the sensibilities of the Victorian Era and some of the historical context behind the symbols in design, elements of life, decor, and art
• Jessica Roux will share her perspective on the Victorian use of flowers and their symbolism through snippets of history, folklore, and great examples of their popularity of the time.
• We will cover the themes of love and romance, loss and mourning, and the most mysterious or bizarre stories behind Victorian Symbolism.

Jessica Roux is a Nashville-based freelance illustrator and plant and animal enthusiast. She loves exploring in her own backyard and being surrounded by an abundance of nature. Using subdued colors and rhythmic shapes, she renders flora, fauna, and many other things with intricate detail reminiscent of old-world beauty. She's worked with clients including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Pottermore, Penguin Random House, Macmillan, Quarto, Smithsonian Magazine, and many more.


This online course is one in a series that has been developed for those looking for an in-depth study of symbolism, mythology, folklore, esoterica, and the natural sciences in a friendly, curious environment! This course is part of the Young Mystics series of online workshops for individuals interested in learning more about metaphysical, esoteric, symbolic, and natural themes! 


This course will be presented online using a combination of live streams and resources designed to help participants become more confident in the themes we've covered in each workshop. This course is appropriate for symbolism enthusiasts as well as individuals interested in the natural world. This course combines live lectures, discussions, demonstrations, and interactive components for participants to practice their skills alongside other like-minded individuals. 

Methodology includes: Lecture and discussion including symbolism, history, art, science, and folklore.


Preparing For The Class:

We will be sharing resources during the workshop, so you may want to have your notebook, and pencil handy. 


About Young Mystics:

Light Grey Art Lab's Young Mystics meet-ups allow curious minds to explore metaphysical and mystical concepts with an enthusiastic and encouraging community of individuals with backgrounds in art, symbolism, philosophy, Tarot, and other esoteric interests. Classes are on a variety of rotating subjects! Everyone is welcome. 

Lindsay Nohl has been teaching/lecturing on Tarot for over 8 years and is a student of metaphysics, philosophy, and esoteric literature. She has been an instructor at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design since 2004.

Jenny Wells has been reading tarot / hosting Tarot events for the past 8 years and will be assisting with our interactive portions of the workshop.

They have been working together at Light Grey Art Lab and have published the Light Grey Tarot, Cosmos Tarot & Oracle Deck, been lecturers together at a variety of Tarot meetups, and more :)

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