Shui Gui by Alessandra Fusi – Artist Print / The End is Nigh

Shui Gui by Alessandra Fusi – Artist Print / The End is Nigh

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Shui Gui
by Alessandra Fusi

Matte archival print
8x10" – $25
12x16" – $35

About the artwork:
Shui Gui, the water ghosts, or the spirits of the people who drowned. They lurk in the place where they died, drag unsuspecting victims underwater, and drown them to take possession of their bodies.

This process is known as ti shen (Chinese: 替身; pinyin: tì shēn; lit. "replace the body"), in which the spirit returns to life in the victim's body while the victim's spirit takes the Shui Gui's place and constantly seeks to take control of another living person's body.

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About the End is Nigh: 
The End is Nigh is an exhibition about the Allegories, Symbols, Stories, Characters, and Rituals surrounding death -- we wanted to investigate everything we can about how cultures and societies prepared for, honored, symbolized, and spoke about the great sleep. View the full exhibition here.