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"Secret Stash" by Emory Allen

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"Secret Stash" by Emory Allen

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Bower Bird was a postcard project celebrating the art of collecting, curating, and personal artifacts. Each of the 90 contributing artists created a limited edition series of postcards with subjects ranging from historical memorabilia, house plants, fossils and bones, national park attire, ancient books, and more. These objects may not have monetary value, but a rich history of our lives, interests, and personal influences- the collection is a modern day cabinet of curiosities. 


Emory Allen
"Secret Stash"

Limited Edition Postcard: 
5" x 7" in.
Vertical Postcard 

About this collection:

"I play a lot of Magic The Gathering and one of my favorite things to do is stop people from playing their spells. So I collect foil counterspells! No, not the card "Counterspell"—any card that says "Counter target spell" regardless of how good or bad the card might actually be. It's not a collection I really show people either. They're just shiny reminders to myself of why I love that game so much."


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