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"Plaids" by Lissa Treiman

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"Plaids" by Lissa Treiman

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Bower Bird was a postcard project celebrating the art of collecting, curating, and personal artifacts. Each of the 90 contributing artists created a limited edition series of postcards with subjects ranging from historical memorabilia, house plants, fossils and bones, national park attire, ancient books, and more. These objects may not have monetary value, but a rich history of our lives, interests, and personal influences- the collection is a modern day cabinet of curiosities. 


Lissa Treiman

Limited Edition Postcard: 
4.25" x 6" in. 

About this collection:

"I was born in the 80’s, but I like to say that i was forged in the fires of the 90’s. Ages 5-15, arguably a formative set of years. While I was neither old nor bold enough at the time to fully embrace grunge culture, one aspect of it did take a deep hold. Plaid. Flannel. Shirts. While they came and went from the fashion scene I held on and wore mine to tatters. Now, over a decade later, they’ve made their way back to the mainstream and I’ve been hoarding them like they’re going out of style… again. I feel incredibly comfortable in plaid. It’s a good look. It’s like… cozy rock and roll. Or maybe it’s just an attempt to desperately cling to something of my childhood as I enter my 30th year. Who knows! But it’s been a staple of my visual identity for a long, long time. I hope I’m never without a good plaid flannel shirt."


Purchasing Limited Edition Works:

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