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"Laundry Day" by Alice Brereton

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"Laundry Day" by Alice Brereton

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– Dreams and the Subconscious –

MIDNIGHT features new work by eighty international illustrators, fine artists, and creatives who are bravely stepping into the realm of dreams and the subconscious. Artists create work inspired by some of their most vivid and memorable dreams as we attempt to unravel the secret undercurrents, fears, cryptic messages, and fractured narratives we experience through the thin veil of sleep. Throughout the MIDNIGHT exhibition, we welcome participants and viewers to decipher, decode, and analyze the artist's dreams.

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Alice Brereton

Laundry Day
Digital Print
12" x 16"

About this piece:
The dream started with a dead ostrich in my bed. I knew it hadn't been there long but the amount of decay and congealed blood suggested it had been there for days. I was unfazed. Slowly, I dragged the stiff bird to the porch and flicked it off the beautiful flowery quilts. With a flash of fabric the Ostrich disappeared but the blood stains and viscera clung to the quilt in thick streaks. I bundled the dripping quilts up with other dirty laundry into a basket and headed downstairs to my apartment's laundry room. Each step I took I became younger. 'I hope I am old enough to make it to the laundry room?' I vaguely remember thinking. The stairs changed from white walls with 80's carpet to black rocks with slate stairs. When I finally reached the cave laundry room I was about eight years old, and at the end of a dark ledge was a giant blue faced ape. I asked her name and she said: 'You're very nosey.' I asked if she could help me do laundry and she said: 'I have nothing better to do.' The rest of the dream is spotty. We talked about politics, tv shows, camp songs etc... I remember the ape delicately taking laundry from me with her huge hands. I could see every crease and line in them; when she looked at my hands she had to put glasses on. The dream ended very quickly. The ape put the last shirt on the clothesline and the rope snapped. Apparently, it was so startling I woke up.


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