RECORDING OF: Intuitive Reading: TAROT • A Young Mystics Online Course

RECORDING OF: Intuitive Reading: TAROT • A Young Mystics Online Course

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Intuitive Reading: TAROT
A Young Mystics Online Course 

*PLEASE NOTE!* This course is one of a 6-part rotating series that can be taken as a complete course or individual lessons. We will be offering these 6 thematic classes twice during the Winter / Spring schedule so if you miss one, you can catch the second session later in the spring. The full list of topics includes: Intuitive Reading • The Suit of Wands • The Suit of Cups • The Suit of Swords • The Suit of Pentacles • The Major Arcana.


Join Light Grey Art Lab Instructors Lindsay Nohl & Jenny Wells for an enlightening evening of learning how to harness the power of your intuition and using it to better understand the Tarot and your practice. 

Intuitive Reading

If you've ever been overwhelmed by the idea of "memorizing" the meanings of 78 cards or felt shy speaking your readings to others without the little book, or just generally don't know how to begin getting to know the Tarot, this course is for you! Building a Tarot practice can be easy, and intuitive, and often builds off of strengths you already possess. Tarot is a great tool for both divination, as well as practical problem solving using your personal power as a guide. This course demystifies the Tarot practice for those looking to build confidence in their own readings and reading for others and teaches methods for how to read intuitively and effectively.

Themes covered in this class include:
• Getting to know your deck and choosing one for great readings
• Methods for "Getting in the zone" and harnessing your personal magic
• Myths of the Tarot, How to approach the Scary Cards, and Telling the Future.
• Customizing a simple, but effective study practice
• Learning methods for how to read intuitively with your own deck
• Approaching the upright and reversed interpretations of the cards
• We will also learn several great calendar / time-related spreads and discussing great resources for further study.


This online series has been developed for those looking for an in-depth study of the Tarot in a friendly, curious environment! This course is part of the Young Mystics series of online workshops for individuals interested in learning more about metaphysical, esoteric, symbolic, and natural themes! 

Learn how to build confidence with your Tarot as we explore a variety of themes, symbols, and methods for developing your Tarot practice. This course combines live lectures, discussions, demonstrations, and interactive components for participants to practice their skills alongside other like-minded individuals. 

This course will be presented online using a combination of live streams and optional homework designed to help participants become more confident in the themes we've covered in each workshop. This course is appropriate for beginner-to-intermediate Tarot enthusiasts as well as practiced Tarot folk that would like to revisit or renew their Tarot studies.  

We will be focusing on using the Rider-Waite Smith Tarot deck as a foundation for many of the lectures but will be sharing and discussing symbolism and themes from a wide range of illustrated decks in each class. 

Students will learn:

• How to prepare for giving readings for yourself and others
• Developing confidence in reading intuitively
• Building a personal study system
• How to use journaling as a system for learning and personal growth
• Identifying ways to interpret the symbols, metaphors, and meanings of the cards via a series of exercises, lecture material, and hands-on practice.

Methodology includes: Lecture and discussion including symbolism, history, methods for reading and preparing for one's Tarot practices, journaling exercises, group study, and optional homework.


Preparing For The Class:
This is a previously recorded class. 

We will be sharing resources during the workshop, so you may want to have your tarot deck, notebook, and pencil handy. You do not need a Tarot deck, but it is highly recommended for further study. If you are interested in purchasing one of the Light Grey or Cosmos decks, you can find them on the shop here! 


About Young Mystics:

Light Grey Art Lab's Young Mystics meet-ups allow curious minds to explore metaphysical and mystical concepts with an enthusiastic and encouraging community of individuals with backgrounds in art, symbolism, philosophy, Tarot, and other esoteric interests. Classes are on a variety of rotating subjects! Everyone is welcome. 

Lindsay Nohl has been teaching/lecturing on Tarot for over 8 years and is a student of metaphysics, philosophy, and esoteric literature. Lindsay will be lecturing on the topic of the moon and personal practice as well as Tarot symbolism during this workshop!

Jenny Wells has been reading tarot / hosting Tarot events for the past 8 years and will be assisting with our interactive portions of the workshop.

They have been working together at Light Grey Art Lab and have published a the Light Grey Tarot, Cosmos Tarot & Oracle Deck, been lecturers together at a variety of Tarot meetups, and more :)

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