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Sarah Lindstrom


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Sarah Lindstrom

Archival Art Print
12" x 16" (Unframed)

About this piece:
Noxious fumes filled the damp, cold chamber. A raspy draw of breath cut through the heavy weight of the air.
“You have traveled far...I believe I have what you seek.” A ghostly frame sat in the center of the small room, silhouetted by the nights glow. She smiled, gnarled teeth glinted in the low light.
“The many voices have spoken and say you are worthy,” she paused, leering in closer, “but are you as they say?” The smell of rot was heavy and stifling. The florescent glow from jars on the table illuminated her form. Translucent boils and long scars poked out from the torn wrappings that concealed much of her face.
“I need not eyes to see that you are capable of wielding this power." The blind crone stood from her stool, grabbed a hefty tome from a nearby shelf, and let it drop to the table. It landed with a concussive thud that rattled the fragile jars. Some of the specimens twitched and squirmed in protest. She flipped open the book to the center page, picked up a small ornate bottle from the table, and plucked the cork.
“Drink the Ichor and you shall see the light and prolong your life,” she took a deep swig from the vessel, bared her teeth, and smiled. Remnants of the fluid pooled to the edge of her mouth, “Wield it…and you will become unto a god."


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