RECORDING OF: Heroes with 1000 Faces: The Universality of Story in Folklore & Legend with Yoshi Yoshitani •  - A Young Mystics Online Course

RECORDING OF: Heroes with 1000 Faces: The Universality of Story in Folklore & Legend with Yoshi Yoshitani • - A Young Mystics Online Course

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Heroes with 1000 Faces: The Universality of Story in Folklore & Legend
With Guest Speaker, Yoshi Yoshitani
A Young Mystics Online Course 


Join Light Grey Art Lab instructors Lindsay Nohl & Jenny Wells and guest speaker Yoshi Yoshitani, Creator & Author of Tarot of the Divine & Beneath the Moon, for an incredible workshop exploring archetypes, tropes, and themes in world folklore and legend, and the universality of storytelling across the globe.

Heroes with 1000 Faces: The Universality of Story in Folklore & Legend
We are drawn to stories. Inside each tale, we see familiar figures-- archetypes that we've grown to understand intimately as not only reflections of ourselves, but characters portraying aspects of what it means to be human. Our desires, our flaws, our trials, and our victories are illustrated in the expansive collection of myths, legends, folklore, and fable. In this workshop, Light Grey Art Lab's Lindsay Nohl & Jenny Wells, and Yoshi Yoshitani, creator of the Tarot of the Divine and Beneath the Moon, explore the 12 archetypes, stories from around the globe, and the origins of the tales we love and how these stories help us manage the journey of being human. 

Themes covered in this class include:
• We explore the 12 archetypes in a variety of ways, from their use in Psychology to Mythology.
• Learn about the history of folklore and legend from various parts of the world and how our perception of these stories has shifted culturally, regionally, or historically.
• We will unpack the content of some of our favorite stories, and try to understand why the Heroes Journey has been utilized so frequently as a basis for understanding the human condition.
• We will learn more about some of the incredible research in both story and cultural history that Yoshi Yoshitani has done for the projects: Tarot of the Divine, and Beneath the Moon.

Yoshi Yoshitani: Yoshi Yoshitani is a California-based artist whose vibrant illustrations draw on inspiration from across the globe, with a particular focus on multicultural identity. Past clients include Disney, DC Comics, Valiant, Image, Dreamworks, and Netflix. Yoshi spends time researching world mythologies, listening to audiobooks, creating fashion inspiration boards, and attending comic conventions and art expos across the country. 


This online course is one in a series that has been developed for those looking for an in-depth study of symbolism, mythology, folklore, esoterica, and the natural sciences in a friendly, curious environment! This course is part of the Young Mystics series of online workshops for individuals interested in learning more about metaphysical, esoteric, symbolic, and natural themes! 


This course will be presented online using a combination of live streams and resources designed to help participants become more confident in the themes we've covered in each workshop. This course is appropriate for symbolism enthusiasts as well as individuals interested in the natural world. This course combines live lectures, discussions, demonstrations, and interactive components for participants to practice their skills alongside other like-minded individuals. 

Methodology includes: Lecture and discussion including symbolism, history, art, science, and folklore.


Preparing For The Class:
We will be sharing resources during the workshop, so you may want to have your notebook, and pencil handy. 


More about Tarot of the Divine:
Take a step forward on your spiritual journey with this gorgeously illustrated celebration of deities, folklore, and fairy tales from all over the world.

The path to enlightenment is unique for each of us, but many of the lessons we learn are shared stories passed among cultures and generations. With rich, vibrant art and a keen understanding of traditional tarot archetypes, illustrator Yoshi Yoshitani infuses Tarot of the Divine with worldly insight and an intriguing selection of fables and folktales from cultures across the globe.

The Major Arcana cards are brought to life with characters from beloved stories who embody the fool's journey, from the Danish fable of the naive Little Mermaid (a character who represents The Fool) to China's Beauty and the Beast (The Lovers) to the Maori legend of Hinemoa and Tutanekai (The World). The archetypes of the Minor Arcana--focused on suits of cups, coins, swords, and wands--are made richer with diverse cultural fables, ancient mythologies, and spiritual legends like the Crane Wife (Japan), Aladdin (Persia), Jack and the Beanstalk (England), Fenrir (Norway), Oedipus (Greece), the Pandavas (India), and dozens more.

As you acquaint yourself with your cards, a 44-page guidebook illuminates how these fables support traditional tarot imagery and themes. With fables from more than forty countries, this spiritual journey is a worldly experience like no other.


About Young Mystics:

Light Grey Art Lab's Young Mystics meet-ups allow curious minds to explore metaphysical and mystical concepts with an enthusiastic and encouraging community of individuals with backgrounds in art, symbolism, philosophy, Tarot, and other esoteric interests. Classes are on a variety of rotating subjects! Everyone is welcome. 

Lindsay Nohl has been teaching/lecturing on Tarot for over 8 years and is a student of metaphysics, philosophy, and esoteric literature. She has been an instructor at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design since 2004.

Jenny Wells has been reading tarot / hosting Tarot events for the past 8 years and will be assisting with our interactive portions of the workshop.

They have been working together at Light Grey Art Lab and have published the Light Grey Tarot, Cosmos Tarot & Oracle Deck, been lecturers together at a variety of Tarot meetups, and more :)

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