Finale by Riotbones – Artist Print / The End is Nigh

Finale by Riotbones – Artist Print / The End is Nigh

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by Riotbones

Matte archival print
8x8" – $25
12x12" – $35

About the artwork:
All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players–  just as Shakespeare said. We revel in the grandeur of life as a performance, yet this comes hand-in-hand with the dread that the song must eventually, inevitably come to an end.

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About the End is Nigh: 
The End is Nigh is an exhibition about the Allegories, Symbols, Stories, Characters, and Rituals surrounding death -- we wanted to investigate everything we can about how cultures and societies prepared for, honored, symbolized, and spoke about the great sleep. View the full exhibition here.