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Copy of "Amaranth" by Kelly Kin

Kelly Kin

Copy of "Amaranth" by Kelly Kin

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Color Anthropology
– How Color Shaped the World –

Color Anthropology features sixty international illustrators and designers who, through their prints and originals, have provided a snapshot into the history, significance, and prominence of some of their favorite colors from throughout the ages. From Egyptian Blue to Millenial Pink, Ancient to Contemporary, each color has stories we can't even begin to imagine. The Color Anthropology Exhibition is on display March 21st - May 20th, 2017.

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Kelly Kin

Color: Amaranth / #E52B50
Giclee Print
12" x 16"

About this piece:

An illustration that combines significant elements of the color, amaranth.

Amaranth, derived from 'unfading flower' in Greek, aptly takes its name from the brilliant red-rose color of the amaranth flower, a plant that is said to have grown on Mount Olympus, never wilting. Because of its longevity, the plant is alleged to have special healing properties and became a symbol of immortality and unfading love, which also made it appropriate as the sacred flower of the Greek Goddess of the moon, Artemis, who had once immortalized her dear friend, Orion, in the stars. In the poem, 'The Hound of Heaven', Francis Thompson likened God’s abiding love to the enduring amaranth plant. The color is also, somewhat ironically, the name of Red No. 2 dye, once the most widely used food coloring in the 20th century, which is now illegal in the U.S. for its possibility to cause cancer. Regardless, amaranth has wide reaches in history and culture, and will likely continue to live up to its reputation as everlasting.

About this artist:

Kelly Kin is an artist based in Austin, TX who works primarily with digital painting and time-based media. Her work aims to unravel memory and experience through narrative illustrations and thematic storytelling.

As a young girl who spent hours on end drawing in MS Paint with a mouse, she later upgraded to Photoshop and a tablet as she grew more and more interested in the digital arts, eventually pursuing her BA and MFA in the same area. Having worked in the feature animation industry as a lighting artist for three years, she has recently returned from her stint in LA to finish up her Masters, get married, and spend more time painting.


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