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"Chamaeleon" by Liz Parlett

Light Grey Art Lab

"Chamaeleon" by Liz Parlett

$ 100.00


Light Grey Art Lab's COSMOS was an exhibition and limited edition publication featuring 100 artists from around the globe that celebrated the myths, metaphors, and messages from the cosmos. The printed project is an interactive deck that has 78 Tarot cards and 22 oracle cards inspired by planets and influential astral bodies. The cards are arranged into elemental suits with gold foil constellations, accents, and gilded edges. The project also includes a 150-page guidebook with the history, story, and resources for each card. The guidebook also includes cosmic tarot spreads for reading and meditation. 

The exhibition at Light Grey Art Lab was on display October 30th through November 22nd and celebrated all 100 pieces of artwork in the project through a beautiful fiber-optic installation. 


Archival Giclee Prints Available:
$100.00  Fiber Optic Original (11” x 18.5”)


Liz Parlett
Adaptability - Adjustment - Camouflage

"Chameleon is one of the smallest constellations in the sky. Chameleons have evolved into resourceful, perceptive, and versatile creatures. They are known for their camouflage abilities; they can change color to match a variety of surroundings, including an exceptional array of colors and patterns. This card references a combination of the chameleon’s keen observational skills with their adaptability. This card is about observing one’s surroundings, watching the actions of others, adjusting one’s stance, and adapting instantly to each new challenge. Adaptability is incredibly important in terms of understanding how to stay safe and how to claim new opportunities. This card does not assume that a person always feels confident in their ability to adapt, nor does it assume the person will be instantly skilled at their new role. The phrase “fake it til you make it” may be a fitting mantra for the time being."


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