3-Pack Punch Card for $30 Classes & Workshops • Winter / Spring Session

3-Pack Punch Card for $30 Classes & Workshops • Winter / Spring Session

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3-Pack Punch Card for $30 Classes & Workshops
Winter / Spring Session
A Young Mystics Online Courses
Use Through June 2021


Join us for any of the upcoming courses listed for the winter / spring season of Young Mystics! This season we're hosting a variety of online workshops with a variety of themes such as folklore, history, esoterica, natural sciences, psychology, and the creative practice!

This is a listing for a punch card for three discounted Young Mystics courses that can be used on any of the $30 workshops. 

If you choose to purchase a punch card, we will send you an email within a few days of your purchase to share with you a link where you can choose courses as they are available. If you wish to use it right away on any of the listed courses, you can immediately request admission to the courses of your choice by emailing Jenny Wells, our gallery manager, and she will grant you access to those classes and keep track of any remaining credits on your card.

Your credits will be kept on file at Light Grey Art Lab and a sign-up link will be sent to you so you can add courses at your convenience. Please watch for an email from gallery@lightgreyartlab.com after your purchase.

• You may use this punch card for $30 classes only. 
• There are no limits to the amount of punches you can use for a single class -- for example, if you wish to invite two friends to a class you are going to attend yourself, you can request to use all three credits for that class at once!
• Once the credits are depleted, you will have to purchase a new 3-credit punch card to get the discounted rate for future workshops.
• Right now we have our class schedule being populated through June of 2021. We will update the class listing after that date with new courses and may offer another discount card for interested people. For now, this card will be good through the winter / spring session only.


This course will be presented online using a combination of live streams and resources designed to help participants become more confident in the themes we've covered in each workshop. These courses combine live lectures, discussions, demonstrations, and interactive components for participants to practice their skills alongside other like-minded individuals. 

Methodology includes: Lecture and discussion including symbolism, history, art, science, and folklore. Some classes have interactive components and each course will list the materials suggested or any additional resources that a participant may want in order to have the best experience in the class.


Preparing For The Class:
When you purchase this class, you will be automatically registered for the upcoming course. Please note that the course registration closes an hour before the course time. You will receive a link to the email you used for your registration, so please include the correct email in your check-out. You will need access to a computer and internet connection. More instructions will be sent about an hour before the class for the platform/stream information for everyone's convenience.

We will be sharing resources during the workshop, so you may want to have your tarot deck, notebook, and pencil handy. 


About Young Mystics:

Light Grey Art Lab's Young Mystics meet-ups allow curious minds to explore metaphysical and mystical concepts with an enthusiastic and encouraging community of individuals with backgrounds in art, symbolism, philosophy, Tarot, and other esoteric interests. Classes are on a variety of rotating subjects! Everyone is welcome. 

Lindsay Nohl has been teaching/lecturing on Tarot for over 8 years and is a student of metaphysics, philosophy, and esoteric literature. She has been an instructor at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design since 2004.

Jenny Wells has been reading tarot / hosting Tarot events for the past 8 years and will be assisting with our interactive portions of the workshop.

They have been working together at Light Grey Art Lab and have published the Light Grey Tarot, Cosmos Tarot & Oracle Deck, been lecturers together at a variety of Tarot meetups, and more :)

Questions? Send us a note! hello@lightgreyartlab.com / gallery@lightgreyartlab.com
Please copy both of our email addresses so we may assist you asap with your questions!