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Current - The Endless Quest

Tanner Johnson - outdoorsman, traveler, and lifestyle photographer

An old soul stuck in the hustle and bustle of things, Tanner resides in Rancho Santa Margarita, California. Tanner established his passions at a very young age and ran with them. Working with and for various outdoor industries such as @civilware, @kikaworldwide, @helena_sportfishing_dana_point, and having photographs published in both Thrasher Magazine and Rolling Stones, Tanner aspires to document 'the other half of the outdoors' and an outdoor lifestyle by combining his passions of hunting, fishing, mountaineering, the outdoors, and travel photography all into one. Tanner is the kind of person constantly trying to broaden his scope of adventure, whether it be through travel, relationship, or experience. Stopping at nothing, Tanner's goals in life remain simply this, Travel as much and as far as humanly possible, document everything on the way, learn the land, study the people, and bring back anything and everything to inspire others to never resist the urge of adventure. 'Being raised in the suburbs my father would always make time for the wild places. I remember always patiently waiting for the next trip, so eager to leave the city. As I grew up I began to understand what the gap between myself, the city, and the outdoors really did and how it influenced who I am today. It really gave me a wider appreciation and respect for a natural world when I am not in it, and even more so when I am. Being introduced to an outdoorsman's way of life at a young age, I've developed an eye for natural beauty, light, change, pattern, flight, and direction. It taught me how leaving the outdoors essentially drove me right back in, every single time. I wouldn't change that for the world.

The Endless Quest is a display of photos captured along the travels and exhibitions of Tanner Johnson. From the heart of the Vast Mojave Desert to the Coastal headlands of the Greenland Sea, I can only hope these photos simply capture and encompass the sole reasons as to why travel should be a necessity.  A life of travel for me exists naturally and without restraint. Time seems exempt from the clocks; almost as if time itself shouldn’t be attached at all. No matter how hard you try to catch the light, take home the stars or savor these elements, you simply cannot. They will never exist in any other place as much as you want them there wherever it is that you go. I believe that this is what keeps us coming back. What keeps the longing to travel so prioritized in our schedules. The anticipating urge to take home more mentally and spiritually than what we arrived with, maybe even leaving empty pieces of ourselves along the path. When you step back and let any given place exist the way it was created to without the lights or traffic, without telephone poles or service stations, pollution or chaos, You will bring forth the truth about light and shadow, heritage, tradition, astronomy, weather, wildlife, and culture. Such valuable things we can so easily forget still exist in a world like today's. I can assure you and am certain many others can as well, these things are still prevalent in the natural world. Whatever it is that you are searching for, take a new road, discover a new place, lay under a new sky, maybe even shake a new hand.

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