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Synesthesia: Senses & Memories

The Synesthesia exhibition features illustrative diptics by twelve international artists. The exhibition is curated by Rafael Mayani, a freelance illustrator, animator, and Art Director at Giant Ant Creative Studio in Vancouver, Canada. The exhibition features prints by each artist illustrating the connections, blending of senses, and links between visuals, memory, and scents.
Of all the senses, it is probably smell that cues emotional memories in the most interesting way. Certain scents can transport us to a specific time and place, which will be completely personal to each individual. For me, the smell of cigarettes usually reminds me of the teacher’s room from my primary school, and a specific brand of car freshener reminds me of the house I lived in when I spent a year in high school as an exchange student in Canada,” says curator Rafael Mayani, “But my favorite memories are the ones that catch me off guard. Sometimes it takes a while to figure out what it is exactly, but it’s really incredible how a specific smell can evoke memories that we had completely forgotten about.