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Collected Works: Janelle Gramling

Janelle Gramling works in fiber, found object, and ceramics to create sculptures, home decor, functional pieces, and wearable adornments. Inspired by raw natural materials and traditional techniques, her work touches on themes of personal symbolism and sacred geometry with a modern, minimal, and playful aesthetic. Gramling has been a full-time artist for over twelve years and is self-taught. She lives in Milwaukee, WI.

My current sculptural work often uses gravity as an important element in the form. Pieces are designed to be placed on a wall, usually by one singular hanging point, activating my intended drape and balance. Taking inspiration from studying Sacred Geometry, I explore the patterns in nature and apply significance to them by using symbolism. Forms that are mathematical and perfect in concept, become flawed, natural, and human when brought to life in real materials. Geometric shapes are slightly imperfect, and surfaces bear blemishes including my own fingerprints. I choose materials that feel familiar and close to their natural origin. Stoneware clay, found driftwood, and natural fibers colored with plant-based dyes are currently my favorite materials. These components are combined in very deliberate and simple ways intended to make the viewer ponder its construction. Themes of ecology, balance, and interconnectedness speak through the ways in which strands of fiber weave their way though geometric forms in clay and wrap around branches of found driftwood.

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