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Solo Collection: Erik Krenz

A Minnesota native, Erik Krenz has built a career around a profound love and respect for nature. His work consistently combines an incredibly deft and naturalistic painterly style with a playful sense of fantasy and wonder. Krenz pairs his fantastic imagination with a passion for natural history and science as a painter and designer for Blue Rhino Studios, a leader in artistic fabrication for museum and zoological environments. At Blue Rhino Studios, Krenz helps to create life-size, strikingly life-like sculptures, murals, and dioramas that feature creatures ranging from little known Northwood species to prehistoric mammoths and dinosaurs, which are used to educate visitors at museums and natural history sites around the world. 

For his first solo exhibition, Erik Krenz will be showing a retrospective body of naturalistic work, as well as a new collection of paintings that explore fairytales and folklore with an emphasis on landscape, and how it influences the narratives.

You can view the entire gallery of images here.