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Simple Soaps

Simple Soaps is a woman-owned company based in Saint Paul, MN. Co-founders Anna VanSickle and Lindsay Schraw began working together with the shared belief that the simple way is the better way. The company’s mission ever since has been to help humans simplify a small part of life by offering beautiful and refreshingly simple skin care products that are both effective and resourceful. 

Everything is handmade (in St. Paul, MN) in small batches with intentionally sourced ingredients; for example, rainwater harvested in-house is used to make the bar soap, as well as organic oils, sustainably sourced palm and pure essential oils. True to its name, Simple Soaps never adds synthetic fragrance or color to any of its products – the coloring simply comes from ingredients themselves. As Anna has often been known to say, 'If you can’t put it in your mouth, you shouldn’t put it on your skin!'

In the Simple Salves product line, intentional ingredient sourcing plays an even bigger role: organic olive oil is infused with fresh, Minnesota-native medicinal herbs that Anna forages herself throughout the spring and summer. Among the many challenges of hand-picking plants, ensuring that each plant is picked at its prime means paying close attention to many environmental factors. The extensive work done to gather the herbs pays off in the end product, however; salves made with fresh herbs are significantly more potent, and using native plants means a smaller footprint for the business. The Healing Salve is gentle enough for all skin types, yet extremely effective on myriad skin issues: cuts, scrapes, rashes, burns of all types, bruises, diaper rash, cracked heels, chapped lips, cuticles...the list is always growing! It can also be used as a full-body moisturizer when needed. The Sore Muscle Rub, with its subtle hint of cayenne to warm the skin, as well as a heap of powerful herbal infusions (see above) is known to soothe inflamed joints, and aching muscles, and is a popular salve for athletes, pregnant women, and those with certain chronic illnesses such as arthritis.   

Products are packaged in recyclable containers made with recycled materials whenever possible, and many items are designed to be multipurpose, e.g., the same bar of soap can be used to shave, shampoo and wash skin (especially the face) – it can even be pulverized and used to create homemade detergents for other cleaning purposes. With the exception of the cayenne-infused Sore Muscle Rub, all products are made with ingredients gentle enough for all skin types and areas of the body, all ages of skin, and all occasions.