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RESURGENCE: The Return of Vibrance and Reemergence of Purpose

You're staring at the calendar, 'But, It's two days till March' you think to yourself as you glance outside. It's dull out, the crows are still sitting high in the trees, the bitter winter breeze still whistles through the branches, and you can't help but think 'Oh boy. Another day is here, and the cold still clings on.' The anticipation of spring sits in the forefront of your mind as you wake each day knowing beautiful warm weather could finally be ready to greet you. 
As the grey winter months come to a close, all matter of flora and fauna emerge from their dormant states to take on the new season with a burst of color and purpose. Animals come out of hibernation, flowers begin to bloom, and a vibrant energy begins to pulse through all of us as we transform our winter ideation into springtime action. Anticipation rides the edge, like an animal poised to pounce waiting for the perfect moment to unleash its full potential. 
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