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Midnight: Dreams and the Subconscious

The thin silver thread between us sings when he is near. We are echoes of one another -- twin spirits ruling our respective sides of the veil, and tonight I wait for him to arrive with anticipation. Ours is an ancient intimacy. He resides in a world of mist and memories -- a hermit gathering wisdom from the static in the wind, the rain and the earth. I traveled here without a map and without an agenda, but in my chest this is all very familiar and I know that tonight I'll finally understand myself, or the world, or the universe.

Our embrace brings back an immense sense of nostalgia and he holds me close. He whispers to me in symbols and fragile metaphors. Truth lies encoded in his poetry, I just know it... but where? 

 'You're the only one that understands me.' He looks into my eyes and I know it's true. I see it now. It's all there. 

I've returned again and again -- seeking clarity -- but it's not his language. The silver thread quiets and he nods farewell. I'm left alone once again. I retreat back through the fog and the nuances of our rendezvous begin to disappear from my grasp. I panic, realizing I will arrive home only remembering a sliver of our time together, if anything at all. 

MIDNIGHT features new work by eighty international illustrators, fine artists, and creatives who are bravely stepping into the realm of dreams and the subconscious. Artists create work inspired by some of their most vivid and memorable dreams as we attempt to unravel the secret undercurrents, fears, cryptic messages, and fractured narratives we experience through the thin veil of sleep. Throughout the MIDNIGHT exhibition, we welcome participants and viewers to decipher, decode, and analyze the artist's dreams.