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Fortune: Luck and Auspicious Times

'C'mon..... Momma needs a new pair of shoes!'
I laugh because what I'm saying is ridiculous, but also because it's true. This year has been nothing but trouble, loss, disappointment, and just a lot of work. I've been waiting to get a new pair of boots for winter... but I can't quite seem to keep any money in my checking account. 

I'm taking a gamble tonight that this is going to be it. This is the moment when everything is going to change for the better. I know it. I can feel it. There's a little red dent in my skin from pressing my palm into this necklace. My grandmother sent it to me with a note.

'Auspicious times are near," I try to massage the ache out of my sternum. 'But luck is decided, not by chance.'

I put down the remainder of my cash on the table and take a deep breath. I hope she's right.

The FORTUNE Exhibition includes a collection of gilded, limited edition prints by 80+ artists from around the globe. The artwork is inspired by concepts of fortune, prosperity, and luck, as well as superstitions, good luck charms, rituals, Karma, Chinese New Year and many other cultural concepts of being lucky. Each piece of artwork is hand printed and foiled on art paper with the option of a 2017 hanging wall calendar-- bringing a bit of luck to all of us in the coming year!