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Past - Explorer: Plein Air Paintings by Bill Robinson

Explorer: Plein Air Paintings by Bill Robinson

Bill Robinson has an accomplished career of illustrating children's books and creating concept art for companies like Sony Pictures Animation, ReelFX, Nickelodeon, HBO, and Disney Interactive. He divulges that his true love is leaving the studio behind and painting outdoors–plein air painting.

As a concept artist for the animation industry by day, I tend to be stuck inside at a computer,” says Robison. “When I started to paint outdoors I was faced with the usual challenges of weather and lighting and what type of gear to use - but all of this was easily outweighed by the fresh air, sunlight, and sounds of nature around me.

An exhibition about finding daily glimpses of adventure beauty, Explorer is an entirely new body of work featuring twenty-five original plein air paintings from the past year. The paintings are a journal of Robinson’s hometown and travels featuring natural settings of rocky coastlines, dense woods, and babbling brooks, as well as urban paintings of cozy architecture and Los Angeles street scenes.

Los Angeles is known more for its freeways than its natural beauty, so I was surprised at how much incredible scenery there is to paint all around me,” says Robinson. “It may be something as grand as a mountainside, or as simple as a tree at the end of my street. I find that both are worth looking at closer.

You can view the entire gallery of images here.