Cosmos Tarot & Oracle Deck

100 artists reinterpret the night sky! 
 In coordination with the Light Grey Art Lab COSMOS Exhibition (Opening October 30th, 2015), 100 artists have come together to create a comprehensive Tarot & Oracle deck featuring the myth, mystery, and metaphor of the modern constellations, planetary, and astral bodies of the universe!
The decks feature gilded edges and gold-foil constellations. 
The project contains 78 gilded Tarot cards, and 22 gilded Oracle cards, each with quick-reference key-words on the front of each card.
The deck is interactive and includes a 150-page guide to how to read the Cosmos, instructions, and guidance for eight different spreads, and information on the history, lore, and symbolism for each subject.
More information about the Second Edition of Cosmos can be found HERE
There are 88 modern constellations in the sky, suspended amongst incredible natural phenomena that shape worlds beyond our own. Billions of people have looked up at the night sky and wondered about their place in the universe. Oracles used the stars to predict events to come and constellations became beacons that could guide travelers across uncharted territory. The night is full of glittering reminders that we may not be alone in this universe. For eons, the cosmos have held great significance in countless civilizations, and now, Light Grey Art Lab will turn out the lights and look to the skies.