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Past - Cosmos: Recreate the Night Sky


For eons the cosmos have held great significance to countless civilizations who have looked up at the night sky and wondered about their place in the universe. Ancient oracles used the stars to predict events to come, and constellations served as beacons that could guide travelers through uncharted territory. October 30th, Light Grey Art Lab will turn out the lights and look to the skies for the unveiling of COSMOS, the newest group exhibition and printed project. 

There are 88 modern constellations in the sky, suspended amongst incredible natural phenomena that shape worlds beyond our own, and for the COSMOS exhibition, Light Grey Art Lab has brought together 100 international artists, each contributing a symbolic depiction of one of the constellations or nearby astral bodies. The project also features the launch of a limited edition COSMOS Tarot & Oracle Deck, published in conjunction with the COSMOS Exhibition. In the spirit of astrology's storied past, this set allows users to use the same clues that ancient oracles pulled from the night sky to determine prophecies and fortune. This boxed-set includes every piece of artwork from the COSMOS Exhibition in 100 gilded-edge cards featuring gold foil overlays of each constellation. Split between 78- card Tarot Deck and a 22-card Oracle Deck, the cards can be used for a variety of divinatory readings using an included 150-page guidebook, all of which is packaged in a rigid board box with gold foil accents.