Team Vatn


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Designed by, Austin Breed
Materials: Color Zine
Available sizes: 5.25 x 8 inches, 30 pages

About the Work:
VATN is a collection of photos and art inspired by Team Vatn's Summer 2018 Light Grey Art Lab Artist Residency in Iceland. From intricate paper art to pages from a game of Exquisite Corpse played on Team Vatn's last night together in Reykjavík, VATN is a celebration of Southern Iceland's natural beauty and Team Vatn's experiences.

Made in collaboration with all of Team Vatn:
Alanna Stapleton, Bina Santos, Al Polston, Danette Beatty, Louie Zong, Devon Berquist,
Austin Breed, Jay John Purugganan, Genevieve Santos, Kennedy Tarrell,
Gonçalo Marques Nobre, Patrícia Mafra, Ashley Mackenzie

From the Curio Exhibition
Part of Team Vatn's Collection, VATN

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