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Current - A Biographical Representation of Life in the Forest

Matt Moss is an outdoorsman and naturalist from the UK. Matt’s specialties are forests and their associated species, primarily; trees, plants, fungi, and deer. Matt work as both a forester and nature guide and has recently become part of Light Grey Art Labs travel programs. As a naturalist Matt spends much of his time in the outdoors, educating people on topics such as; ecology, conservation, and environmental issues. As a forester, Matt is able to make decisions on how land can be managed in ways that enhance and benefit wildlife.
Matt started his career as a graphic designer and videographer in the Skate /BMX industry, a job that helped nurture his creative passion. After 10 years as a creative Matt decided to follow his true passion – the natural world. Matt has always considered himself an outdoorsman, growing up fishing, hiking, camping and shooting he longed for a life in the wild. Many years ago, Matt took a job working as a forester and spent his days managing English ancient woodlands. Along the way, Matt picked up many backwoodsman skills and is an experienced woodsman and hunter. For the past few years, Matt ran a forestry degree program in the UK. With his students, he would undertake scientific studies in forests, teaching students about plants, animals and fungi and how these organisms play a key role in our ecosystems.
Matt travels a lot for work but mainly travels for adventure. Matt has a fascination with our ancestral and nomadic connection to the natural world and made a conscious decision at an early age to get out there and explore. With a few good friends and a bunch of gear, he’d hit the road and wouldn’t look back. Since then Matt has traveled to many wild places; hiked, explored, cooked foraged food over a fire and slept under the stars. The desire to travel has led Matt to many places and one day a chance encounter while out for adventure brought him here.

A Biographical Representation of Life in the Forest

Photography for Matt came out of necessity. A medium for recording what he was doing at that present moment. It was only until recently through self-reflection and discussion, Matt realized photography had been a creative personal outlet for so long. This exhibition is a short biographical representation of Matt’s daily life and includes; exploration of work, relationships and intimate experiences that are connected through a want and desire to explore our natural heritage.
This exhibition is also about questioning one’s self and ones very being. Why do we have a desire to travel and explore the natural world? Is it to be closer to nature? Are we not part of nature? Is this a want? A desire? Or is there something deeper. Something that's a part of us all, something that transcends time, learned memories passed down through our DNA. To understand ourselves and who we truly are we need to remove the barrier that separates us from the natural world and embrace it.

Check out Matt's website here.